Develop a Spring Boot - Cloud Native application
DevOps, Cloud, container & Scaling Deep-dive hands-on Beginner EN

The goal of this lab is to show how a Spring Boot application designed as 2 µServices could be designed as a Cloud Native application to leverage the OpenShift and Kubernetes features of the Cloud Platform.

The project to be developed is a traditional Front and Backend application connected to a RDMS system (MySQL). 2 Maven projects will be created using the Spring code generator "", code will be then developed to implement the CRUD pattern using JPA - Hibernate Spring starter. The Front application will display a table of Notes and logic needed to create, update, delete a "Note" while the backend will expose Rest Endpoints to manage the CRUD operations. Each operation will be mapped to a JPA operation in order to handle the records with the database

The different Cloud Native concepts that we will investigate during this lab will be :

  • Build/Deploy the applications on the cloud platform
  • Externalisation of the parameters (ConfigMap),
  • Remote debugging the Spring Boot application
  • Service Discovery
  • Service Catalog to bind/provision a service
  • CI/CD (automation of the building process)
  • Mount a secret with the DataSource information
  • Horizontal scaling to load balance request to the front
  • Distributed tracing
JUDCon Hands-on [Salle 110]
16 May 2018
14:00 - 17:00