Riviera DEV 2018

May 16-17-18 2018 in Sophia Antipolis

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The shiny conference

Riviera DEV, that's 3 days of conferences and workshops on the French Riviera in the heart of Sophia Antipolis, the most beautiful European technopole.

In 2018, Riviera DEV will move to a bigger and more comfortable venue, with a third track or more depending on registrations!

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500 attendees
42 sessions
18 workshops


Provide a first class tech conference where developers can learn, hack and network.


Riviera DEV is a conference by developers, for developers. It is a fun and relax event offered at an affordable price so that every developer can enjoy the experience.

Day 1: 16th May, 2018

Deep Dive Day

Deep Dive Day is for a smaller audience, it offers to gain more in-depth knowledge of complex subjects. There are 2 types of sessions running during the day, each running for 3 hours.

Deep Dive Sessions

These are intensive 3 hour sessions where an expert delves much more extensively into a subject than is possible during regular conference sessions.

Hands-on Labs

Bring your own laptop and get coding in these practical hands-on sessions under the tutelage of an expert. These labs give you the chance to delve into a specific technology or methodology.

Days 2 & 3: 17th - 18th May, 2018

Conference Days

Conference Days provide keynotes, conferences and workshops on the theme "We're not just coders".


20 minute sessions designed to inspire and provoke thoughts.

Conference Sessions

50 minute sessions on a range of different technologies, practices and methodologies.

"We're not just coders" workshops

The signature of Riviera DEV! These are workshops that do not really relate to development but are mostly driven by developers. They will allow you to have fun during these intense days while discovering new horizons.

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SKEMA Business School - Sophia Antipolis Sophia Antipolis 60 Rue Fedor Dostoïevski 06902 Valbonne France

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