Teaching programming to children using Minecraft on OpenShift/Kubernetes
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When we were younger, getting enthusiastic about programming and computers in general was a lot easier than it is now. They where these "magical" machines that would do whatever you wanted them to do. Today, computers are in everybody's day to day lives and have lost that "magical" feeling. The challenge is to get children excited about programming by reducing the time to setup and learning concepts, but get started right away with something they love - like Minecraft! We'll show you how with Kubernetes, OpenShift and Minecraft we can progressively do just - at first using our ScratchX extension to get started with graphical programming, and then with a push on a button you can have a full Java development environment set up to start learning and teaching programming. We set up an Eclipse Che IDE with continuous builds of the modifications, and a Minecraft server with our OSGi extension that can hot reload changes, so that we can have this instant satisfaction we used to have when computers where simpler. All code used in the demo of this project is open source and available to anyone.

JUDCon Conference [Amphi 139]
17 May 2018
17:10 - 18:00