Work hard, travel hard
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Want to make the most out of your vacations? Us too! The first time we went on holidays with my wife, we miserably failed to organize it. We lacked information, plans and plan B. We wasted so much time, we almost missed some reservations, we never ever wanted to live through the same experience again.

Since then we developed and fine-tuned our techniques not just to find great quality/price accommodations, but to find cheap and at the same time great local excursions, to avoid tourist traps and to plan our days so that we can make the most out of them always keeping some options open just in case something goes wrong or we just simply finish a bit quicker than expected.

This might sound exaggerated, but even according to those friends and colleagues who visited the same places as we did, planning vacations as we do works pretty well!

Come to my presentation if you never thought that you can enjoy a Michelin starred lunch in Tokyo just for about 10 Euros!

Ateliers «On n'est pas que des codeurs» [Salle 138]
17 May 2018
14:50 - 15:40