Code your game with Pico-8, the 8-bit fantasy console!
We're not just coders “We're not just devs” workshop Beginner FR

Coding is fun; but coding a game, that is totally awesome!

For that, you don't need overly complex libraries or IDEs: just enjoy or even teach your kids to code with Pico-8, the 8-bit fantasy console!

Pico-8 is:

  • a real retro console: 128x128 pixels, sprites, D-pads
  • a simple programming language: Lua
  • a complete environment: embedded editor for code, sprite, maps and chiptune
  • an online community to discuss and share your creations in HTML5

Come and see the console of your dream during this live coding session!

Ateliers «On n'est pas que des codeurs» [Salle 138]
18 May 2018
14:30 - 15:20