Java containers in production - mastering the "banana box principle"
DevOps, Cloud, container & Scaling Conference Beginner EN

Amadeus runs JBoss EAP containers in production on OpenShift. In this talk you will discover the "banana box principle", i.e. a box in a box in a box. Come learn some rudimentary JVM and container internals to start your JVM cloud experience with a smile.

What we will first look at are the different boxes with a focus on memory

  • Box 1 : JVM memory management (for us OpenJDK)
  • Box 2 : Container memory limits (Linux cgroups)
  • Box 3 : Openshift node memory (the VM provisioned by Openstack)

Then we look at our production use case where we

  • run a monolith EAR on a multi-GB JBoss EAP container by Red Hat
  • scaled this JBoss JVM container to dozens of pods
  • needed to investigate why our JVM containers started core & heap dumping
  • use tools like InfluxDB & Grafana to monitor the stack
  • are lucky to have Openshift that mitigates cleverly any dying container
JUDCon Conference [Amphi 139]
18 May 2018
14:30 - 15:20