Reactive Cuisine!
Architecture, Performance & Security Conference Beginner FR

Sick of the strict rules from traditional frameworks? Aspire to more freedom? Want to see some reactive code? Let's meet in our kitchen. In this talk learn to be a reactive stack Chef using the un-opinionated approach chosen by Eclipse Vert.x. Pick your language, your development model, the components from the thrilling Vert.x ecosystem, shake it and serve it hot!

In this talk, let's cook together and build two reactive stacks. The first one shows how to build non-blocking reactive API gateways for microservices. The second one mixes MQTT, Kafka, and AMQP to build a reactive IOT platforms. Two very different use cases, powered by a single technology, and just because of the freedom.

Want to be back in charge? Don't miss this session!

Conference 2 [Amphi 137]
17 May 2018
10:40 - 11:30