Creating Scalable, Resilient Applications with MongoDB
Architecture, Performance & Security Deep-dive conference Advanced FR

In this talk, Maxime will take developers through a complete build out of a high performance application in MongoDB. This will include failure recovery, the maintenance of strong consistency and the migration of an app from a desktop to AWS and ultimately a hosted cloud environment.

The application will show the use of a new MongoDB feature, Change Streams, which allows a client to list to a stream of changes to a cluster in a casually consistent manner. We will also show the use of sessions and retryable writes to guarantee that all writes are idempotent even in the face of intermittent failures.

Attendees should have a resonable knowledge of MongoDB to get the most out of this session.

Deep-Dive Conference 1 [Amphi 137]
16 May 2018
14:00 - 17:00