Fire & Fury: Java Flight Recorder & Flamegraphs
Architecture, Performance & Security Conference Intermediate EN

Your CPU is burning, your Java application is limping, your on-call phone is ringing! Java Flight Recorder (JFR) is a lightweight profiler that comes with the Oracle JDK (and that will land on OpenJDK in the near future). It's a hidden gem that can help you boost the performance of your apps running on the JVM.

The data recorded with JFR is usually visualised with Java Mission Control (JMC), but in this talk we will show that you can also generate flamegraphs to visualise your performance out of JFR recordings. Flamegraphs are a data visualisation that has been taking momentum in the performance tuning area and is becoming widely used. While people generally use profilers to check CPU-consuming code, we will show how JFR and Flamegraphs can be also used to investigate concurrency, memory allocation and exception-related issues.

Finally, we will talk about how we use it at Amadeus to investigate performance problems and make sure they don't impact your next trip!

Conference 2 [Amphi 137]
18 May 2018
14:30 - 15:20