Building systems at internet scale with a handful of engineer
DevOps, Cloud, container & Scaling Conference Intermediate EN

At Amazon we embed the startup spirit deeply into our DNA. Part of this is having small, independent teams that can master their own faith. These teams are able to create amazing products and services at huge scale with only a few engineers because of the building blocks that they have access to. This talk will explain how automation and hosting of core technology enables small teams to quickly build and operate systems in production, without needing to worry about huge scale. From automated build and continuous deployment systems over AWS services to hosted monitoring systems, engineers at Amazon have all the building blocks at hand that are needed to create and operate systems with a 2-Pizza-Team. Join this talk to find out what these building blocks are in detail, why they are important and how you can use the same building blocks to make your next project successful.

Conference 1 [Amphi 339]
17 May 2018
13:50 - 14:40